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At Real Thai Kitchen, we take pride in bringing you the true taste of Thailand, crafted with love and expertise by our talented Chef Apple. With over 8 years of experience in both cooking and teaching at the renowned RealThaiCooking kitchen, Chef Apple is a master of her craft, dedicated to delivering culinary excellence in every dish.

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From traditional Thai salads bursting with fresh flavors to rich and aromatic curries
Our menu offers a delightful array of options to tantalize your taste buds.
From the hearty and comforting curries of Chiang Mai to the delicate and intricate flavors of Phuket, our menu showcases the best of Thai gastronomy


We'll be opening on 12th April 2024!

THE DOME BAR 417-421 St Albans Rd, Watford WD24 6PR

Monday 17.00-22.00

Tuesday - Thursday 12.00- 15.00 , 17.00 -21.30

Friday-Sunday 12.00 -21.30


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